Why Our Pre-Purchase Inspections Are Better

Why Our Pre-Purchase Inspections Are Better

If you’re about to buy a new home or business, you’ll have a lot on your mind. It’s a time of excitement, to be sure, but also comes with plenty to think about.

Any property purchase is a huge undertaking and is recognised as being one of life’s most stressful times. For that reason, knowing everything is in working order is a weight off any buyer’s mind.

As an experienced electrician Darwin people come to, we carry out careful pre-purchase inspections to make sure it is.


Essential Checks


As a property buyer, you can’t be expected to carry out inspections yourself. In fact, that really is a job better left to the experts.

Homes and business premises today are far more complicated than just being bricks and mortar. Sophisticated aircon systems and connected home entertainment are just two of the everyday essentials in many properties. Before you install any of these, you need to know your wiring is safe.


Checking all the wiring and connections within a property can be a complicated task. It requires specialist equipment, knowledge and expertise. As most wiring is usually hidden from view, just knowing its configuration can be a challenge in itself. If a property has been lived in or worked in previously, faults can lay undiagnosed without you knowing about them.


Another essential check your electrician should carry out is to see if the property has smoke alarms. Standards for these are very rigorous, for good reasons. Commercial premises can be closed down if they don’t have working smoke alarms in enough places. Of course, as a responsible parent or employer you’ll want to make sure everyone’s safe before you move in.


Potential Problems


As a trusted electrician Darwin home and business owners rely on, we carry out more than electrical checks. There are other pre-purchase inspections which can save buyers a lot of time, worry and expense down the line. Again, buyers are not necessarily equipped to check for these potential problems.


Water damage can be a serious threat to any property. This can come about because plumbing is faulty, or cracked somewhere in a property. Also, broken guttering, including loose or corroded downpipes, can lead to blockages or leaks which damage property. Checking for this type of damage involves much more than a visual inspection.


Some properties even have cracks in the walls. This type of fault should be picked up in surveyors’ reports, but it never hurts to check. Also, property can be compromised by standing water, which can’t escape because of poor drainage. Details such as this can be discovered with a pre-purchase inspection.


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